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Workday announces General Availability of Workday Payroll for Australia

Workday brings Payroll, Finance, and HR data together in a Single System to Reduce Errors and Streamline Processes for Australian Customers

SYDNEY, March 12, 2024 - Workday, Inc. (NASDAQ: WDAY), a leading provider of solutions to help organisations manage their people and money, today announced that Workday Payroll is generally available (GA) to Australian customers. This follows successful payroll implementations with a number of early adopter Australian businesses to help test and refine the product for compliance with local regulatory laws and standard business practices in the Australian market. 

Now more than ever, organisations need to be agile and deliver remarkable employee experiences. Workday Payroll helps customers gain control of their payroll processes, data, and costs with the flexibility to configure payroll as business needs change. And with Workday Payroll for Australia, administrators will have the same real-time and intuitive Workday experience they’re accustomed to while benefiting from continuous payroll calculations, smart payroll audits, and built-in reporting — all within Workday.

Today, Workday Payroll is now available in the U.S., Canada, France, the UK, and Australia. Workday also has an expansive partner ecosystem to deliver payroll solutions to organizations across more than 120 countries around the world.

“We are so pleased to be able to offer Workday Payroll to our Australian customers. Many of our finance and HR customers will be looking at the efficiencies that can be gained by adding payroll to their Workday platform, allowing them to reduce complexity and perform this critical function with ease,” said Jo-Anne Ruhl, vice president and managing director for Australia and New Zealand at Workday. “I think everyone would agree that getting payroll right is fundamental to business success, and we are keen to play a role in helping our customers make this process more seamless, as well as help address the headaches of regulation and compliance that keep many payroll administrators up at night. I’d also like to thank our early adopter customers for putting their trust in Workday and helping us finesse the Workday Payroll product for Australian businesses”

Early Adopter Success Story

Cognizant Workday Practice

The Cognizant Workday Practice was the first customer to go live on Workday Payroll in Australia nearly six months ago, working closely with Workday as part of the design partner group to enhance the product during the development stage. Following successful implementations in other geographies around the globe, the Cognizant Workday Practice is well positioned to use these learnings to help other Australian customers implement Workday Payroll. 

Elaine Hanner, Payroll Director for the Cognizant Workday Practice commented, “Running Workday Payroll for Australia has already saved us a significant amount of processing time and improved overall accuracy. It ensures a seamless payday, which greatly contributes to the satisfaction of the team.”

About Workday

Workday is a leading enterprise platform that helps organisations manage their most important assets – their people and money. The Workday platform is built with AI at the core to help customers elevate people, supercharge work, and move their business forever forward. Workday is used by more than 10,000 organisations around the world and across industries –  from medium-sized businesses to more than 50% of the Fortune 500. For more information about Workday, visit


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